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Gundam 00 Season 2 Episode 8 "An Innocent Distortion"

Title : An Innocent Distortion

Story :
After listening to the Innovator, Regene Regetta, and hearing his thoughts on Aeolia Schenberg's plan, Tieria and Setsuna infiltrate a party which Livonze Almark will be attending. When hearing of this intel, Tieria volunteers to go for recon with Setsuna going as backup. At the party, Livonze reveals to Tieria that he should have died in the battle four years ago with the rest of Celestial Being. Livonze extends an offer to Tieria to join him but Tieria refuses. Together with Setsuna, who has been compromised in the presence of Louise Halevy, Tieria makes his escape only to run into Ali Al-Sarchez in the air.

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Gundam 00 Season 2 Episode 8

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