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Sumeragi Figure Action

-Sumeragi Lee Noriega bio by Dyosa

Name: Sumeragi Lee Noriega
Real name: Leesa Kujo
Birthday: August 24 2281 A.D
Age: 31
Nationality: Japanese/Spanish
Affliation: Celestial Being
Occupation: Tactician
Hobbies: Looking at her crystal ball and predicting the next move of their opponent. Drinking alcohol.

Sumeragi Lee Noriega is the voluptuous omniscient tactical forecaster of Celestial Being’s warship Ptolemaios. Her strategic plans and sometimes-spontaneous decision always benefit their goal in achieving peace.

She has a dark past like most of the crew of Ptolemaios but she never lost her soft heartedness and sympathetic nature. Somehow she develops a comfort zone, which is heavily influenced with alcohol. She uses alcohol as a tool to shed off his guilt and be able to function as tactician. Her past – the time when she made a wrong decision that end up killing a lot of people – made her sensitive to failures and lessen her confidence.

She is a believer of peace and when that dream was destroyed along with the Celestial Being, she falls into depression and drown herself in alcohol. A visit from Setsuna F. Seisei and some heavy persuation (which includes dragging her) puts her back on track as she joined the Ptolemy 2.

Though she had a hard time breaking through her drinking addiction, she did it and along with it her dream of creating peace was restored.

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