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The New Gundam

Gundam00 is the new gundam serial

Western calendar 2307.

The fossil fuel was depleted, but the mankind was obtaining the new energy which is substituted to that. 3 these enormous tracked elevators and the large-scale solar power generating system which accompanies that. But, those where benefit of this system can be obtained were just the large country and that ally of part.

Three superpower groups which own three tracked elevators. 'The union which centers the United States of America'. 'Mankind who centers China, Russia and India reformist union'. Europe was centered, 'AEU'. Each superpower group because of dignity and prosperity of oneself, continues the great [zerosamu] game. So, being 24 centuries, the mankind yet can become one is to be .......

In the world of the fight which does not have such end, the private armament organization which puts out “the elimination of the war with military force” appears. As for their names which own mobile suit “Gundam”, [soresutarubiingu].

Military intervention to all the war behavior which are according to Gundam starts.

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